Memorise Pattern

with pattern


found pattern:

incorrect tries:

After starting the game 4-8 pattern are shown (each for 3 seconds) The aim of the game is submit the shown pattern correctly with as little as incorrect tries as possible. After the patterns are shown it is possible to click on the nine fields to change its color. If you think that a pattern is correctly rebuild click on submit. the pattern do not have to be sumbitted in the order shown. If you have submitted all patterns you have finished the game.

If the game gets boring look at my other N3DS Browser Games or write a e-mail to my email address to complain. The Game was programmed by Armin Kielack in JavaScript. The lastest new game on this website is still the truck sorting game that I have done to replace the train game.

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This is just the current Top Ten of the complete list of games on this website.

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